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"Not too small Li": Galkin showed a huge Christmas tree "for home"

Not everyone appreciated the sense of humor of the presenter

Maxim Galkin struck their fans with new year video in Instagram, where the details showed a fabulously beautiful tree of incredible size. "That's a Christmas tree for the house picked up — not too small?" — signed movie anchorman.

The artist's fans, not to assess the sense of humor of the stars from boiled social anger: "This is how much money is invested! All the money of the regions go to Moscow and in the regions on the Christmas tree look scary..."

"This is Los Angeles, not Moscow. Vbuhali a lot of money, but not ours. In this tree twenty meters, it is in LA, at the Mall. Why is it you?" — cooled the emotions of the fans of the artist.

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Publication of Maxim Galkin (@maxgalkinru)December 6, 2018 at 1:44 PST

But there were among the followers Galkina and humor: "Maxim, you are still and the statue of Liberty tack in addition to the main Christmas tree of America, but then the sanctions provided for you" — told her husband of Alla Pugacheva.

The artist is now in a tour of the US and, apparently, already in the U.S. overstock shopping center gifts for the entire family. Perhaps we will soon see that the artist brought with Christmas sales.


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