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ISA Anokhina wants to get pregnant again

The ex-wife of rapper Guf is recognized that undermined his health because I do not feel sorry for myself

Today ISA Anokhin has caused a storm of discussions with his heartfelt "a cry of the soul" in the microblog: "I'm a workaholic and ambitious. And only now realized that he had hurt himself. Very much. I don't know how to relax. Returning home late at night from work I continue to work! Cleaning, sports, preparing for the next working day!... Cannot earn all the money!" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — start the ex-wife Gufa.

"My progesterone level dropped to a critical point, thereby subjecting its women's health in danger. My condition, called the syndrome of wartime, something like that. When the war in women due to stress disappeared menstruation and ovulation, the body refused to get I want only to family and to be a healthy mom! I imagine its significance proved..and learned from experience that everything should be in moderation. Take care of yourself, girl! I feel so scared...because I dream of a third child..." — said Anokhin.

Айза Анохина мечтает вновь забеременеть

Second husband Dmitry ISA considers a gift adibito:

Recall that in 2010, Guf and ISA was born the son of Sami, and in 2013 the couple divorced due to infidelity and bad habits of the rapper. The woman painfully went through a divorce and tried to do everything to independently realize. She opened a beauty salon and a barbershop, created a popular beauty blog, started to sing songs, to acting on television and even a cartoon voice actor.

In the fall of 2015 ISA married a businessman and avid surfer Dmitry Anokhin; the wedding took place in Las Vegas. Her husband already lived permanently in Bali, only occasionally visiting Russia on business. A year later, the ISA gave birth to a son, who was named Elvis. The birth was shown live — they lasted almost 20 hours. Initially, the woman planned to give birth in a natural way, but in the end, had to do an emergency C-section. Now Anokhina forced to live in two countries, although constantly suffering from cold Moscow climate: "I am from the refrigerator can get sick if more than a minute I'd choose the taste of the cheese..." ISA admits that she dreams to move permanently to her husband and children in Bali.


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