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Psychic breakup Zhidkova and Solovieva: "This is not the end."

Marianne Abravitova believes that news about the final gap pairs premature

Liliya Solovyeva, the civil wife of Ivan Zhidkova, today told his followers that once again parted ways with the actor: "We parted like ships at sea differ in the fog, a beacon beckoning". This is not the first time when the lovers break up, and then reconciled. asked psychic and Tarot reader Marianne Abravitova to tell how she sees the future of this fickle pair.

"There is such a type of human nature, as in the film "Beware of the car". Those who have a car, want to sell it, and those who do not, although it is to buy. Type, when a person has something, he really wants to get rid of it, and Vice versa. It's just the nature of this man. Here Zhidkov and lives by this principle. If he is married, then it is necessary to arrange a little bit of trouble to get a divorce. But if he divorced, it starts to pull back. And not enough of something and want to go home. And it's not in the partner. It will be with any person with whom he lives," — said the tarragon.

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I delved into the topic of "razmalyvanie" and understand about what stage I'm in... it's like, and I quote, to swim from one shore "life for yourself" to another called "parenthood" After birth, we find ourselves in the stormy ocean... got a long (up to 3.5 years) and the hard way to shore. Found the way and the storm and the calm, and normal for a while in the distance shines a beacon that signals to us that on the other side there are people, and they even Schastlivyi I feel my coastal seagulls have already blizcon here, Yes...we all know there is no sense screwattack there Valeria sang? We broke up as the ships Differ in todaaaaay beacon maniapoto to the question "What do you have Vanya" one child, whom we love very much and will do everything to have photophile to shore? Or still struggling on the reefs

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"These couples don't collapse completely — sure Abravitova. They go through life together, here and there, and nothing will prevent them to live in such rhythm to continue. Yes, now it all actively, emotionally, and curses. But this is not the end. Again together, again nearby — will come very soon. Later you will be vows that never would. All this we will see again and again, as in the melodrama. But these people both lived together and will live".


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