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Clairvoyant: "the Probability of winning Sedokova in the high court"

However, Saona believes that these proceedings only the beginning of a new dispute because of the daughters of

Anna Sedokova is constantly judged because of their children. Earlier, the singer and her ex-husband businessman Maxim Cherniavsky, almost a year to find out who must live their common daughter Monica. Now Sedokova defended in court the right senior Alina's inheritance of his father, footballer Valentin Belkevich. Expert hereditary witch and tarragon Saona, predicts victory for the singer in recent litigation, however, according to her, this is not the last trial of Anne because of the children.

"All of the litigation Sedokova will end sooner or later. The likelihood of her winning in court are high. But I see that she gets what she wants in the material plane. All of this will still drag. The problem Anne is largely dependent on negative energy from outside. She has a lot of envy, and sometimes she brings down upon himself unnecessary movement. But this is only the beginning," said the clairvoyant.

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I was silent, but then not. For more than three years into the lawsuit about the inheritance which has remained after the death of Pope Alina Valentin Belkevich. More than three years, the other side zatyagivaet process, buying people, information , agrees with who can and can not , with the most powerful people in the country, but tomorrow, in spite of their efforts, held the latest hearing in the Appeal Sudei the essence of this dispute is not a dispute between me and another woman. The essence of this dispute is quite different – I'm trying to protect in court the rights of a native and the only daughter Valentina – Alina. I and the Parents of Valentine, we consider it fair and proper that their daughter Valentina is entitled to receive at least some inheritance after her father. We are confident that such would be the desire of Valentine. He loved her very much and has died without leaving a will . That is why, mom and Valentin Belkevich and his father renounced his inheritance in favor of Valentina Alina. They fully support it and they support me, but for the past three years are incredible things. Another woman who was in the program "the Secret to a Million" he said that you slept with my husband right after the wedding, she was sleeping when I was pregnant, trying to prove to the courts that Valentin Belkevich generally had nothing and earning nothing. He was a gigolo and a kept man. And she, a woman who has not worked in my life a single day, contained one of the best players in the country and therefore she bought the apartment in which I lived and alinka. And now humiliating the dignity and memory of Valentina And the most unpleasant thing here is that this deception somehow supported by those who called themselves close friends Valentine. We were particularly surprised Sasha Khatskevich , head coach of "Dynamo" . Since him all the way , he said some toast on our svedjegarden was an outstanding football player and do not dare to steal it from him !And here is the best friend of Valentina , Khatskevich , who was sitting in my kitchen , which was holding my little daughter , comes to court and gives testimony that at this time, Valentin received a salary of just $ 200-300 per month. He's a kept man , I have to pick up the child

Publication from ANNA SEDOKOVA (@annasedokova) 4 Dec 2018 7:05 PST

"Soon again will start the story with her younger daughter, who recently died. All actions of the singer, which is written in the media, does not love the father of her youngest daughter. He believes that Anna is, you can tell an immoral life, and this negatively, in his opinion, affects the upbringing of children. There is a man who communicates with her and her ex-husband. He provoked the situation," said tarragon.

"Just so the conflict could start. Anna, as I see it, inadvertently revealed his personal life, and the father of her daughter did for a conclusion that the baby had nothing to do in such a situation with his mother. I will say that the party is set up very strongly. Not so much the husband stirs up conflict, how much his mother. I can say that family is power and money. A good outcome I do not see, — says Saone. — The proceedings will drag on for several years. Sedokova will fight, as fish about ice. It will be very difficult to prove anything and make. This is not to say that she is forbidden to see his daughter. But, for example, arrival in Russia I do not see. Anna followed just more careful about what to say, what to put in the social network. Now everything will turn around against her. I don't see that the child will go to Russia, Anna is communicating with her via video link. The imminent reunification of the daughter with the mother, I do not see".

"Despite this end of this year, next year Anna is still waiting for a very successful period," concluded the witch.


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