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Olga Buzova asks for help

Singing TV host took on the role of Santa Claus

Olga Buzova, whose name is increasingly associated with the different business projects, the fans were attacked with requests to help financially. Unfortunately, help treat adult males who want to marry a singer, and at the same time and spend her money.

But Olga admits that, among others, come across very sincere and warm letters, which take over the soul. Buzova recently wrote a 10 years old girl. Without telling mom she asked me to give her for her birthday a cow and a dozen chickens, and grandmother in the winter — firewood. Said that the money and dress she does not need, and only need it. And that once she grows up and is working, it is the duty of the singer to return... Olga was genuinely touched by this letter, contacted the family of the girl and complied with the request, but still added to the surprise beautiful Christmas dress, "the real Princess should be in luxurious dresses for their Proms!" — convinced the singer.

Ольга Бузова просит о помощи

Olga Buzova learns how to create, codispoti:

Two days ago in the mail of Olga Buzova received a letter from the small village of Panovo in the Omsk region, where he lives less than 1,000 people, they to need two Maiden costume size 48-50, and Santa Claus 50-52 size. Old just wear and tear, as it was made almost forty years ago.

Costumes Buzova already bought, but to not mess with the mail, looking for people that can pass before the New year, the parcel personally. "Maybe someone is flying from Moscow to Omsk in the near future and will be able to transfer costumes?!" — asked the singer to his subscribers in Instagram.


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