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The son of Elena Yakovleva said that he's not a man anymore

26-year-old Denis Crazy again shocking the audience

Today, storis's Instagram the son of actress Elena Yakovleva, 26-year-old Denis Crazy, said it removed genital organ and from now on "no sex". This news shocked everyone, but behind the scenes a female voice loudly asked the young man not to lie that finally dispelled doubts is another joke.

Their appearance and actions of the son of the famous actress confirms the reputation of "freak", although he is offended by this nickname and has recently called on the social network: "Competition for the most stupid headline of useless news about me continue. Well, how can I 'a freak" call".

The news about the removal of the male organ — a successful attack with the aim of attracting attention to himself, although, really, the guy just got a piercing on the face. Denis fanatically experimenting with his looks, his body and face covered with tattoos, which, in all probability, he stuffed sometimes thoughtless and impulsive, because his mother recently admitted that Denis deplores the high number of tattoos. In the life of Denis is going to make a career as a musician. Together with a friend, Vladimir Koricheva they created a group called the odD 2. In the spring they took their first music video.

Yakovlev also their attitude to the outrageous actions of the son expresses clearly: "My only, my beloved, my beautiful SON, thank you that you have me! I'm always with you!" writes a loving mother in his blog.


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