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Bonia said Alan Mamayeva

Scandal with mistress football is gaining momentum

Alan Mamaev announced to his followers that her husband had a connection with the star of "House-2" Victoria Bonneuil. In response to the question of why the latter came to the defense of the arrested players, the wife of Pavel Mamayev said, "He slept with her".

Bonia was not slow to respond to this statement in social networks. Vika called Mamaev "psychopath" and said that Alan "is flattering to my husband," and also advised the mother to two children more time to devote to the education of heirs, and "not to run to the surgeon." They say, "the poor children in his six years two words together can not." Why did you come to live Malakhov to protect players? Because of her friendship with Alexander Kokorin and she is really sure brawlers punished too harshly.

Боня ответила Алане Мамаевой

Victoria Bonya commented on Alana's Makeweight:

By the way, netizens unanimously did not support the position of Victoria Boni about the release of players. "I think the guys made a national punishment. Two months in prison is more than enough to realize their mistakes. But the extension of the arrest is already too much. I want to support the guys because we all make mistakes," said Bonya in the Studio Malakhov.

In response to the call to "support the kids" Victoria received the unanimous angry response

"Dudes fatten in the national Team and clubs, hung out after losses with champagne, and then moved to fists... 2 months enough? Vic, we put the fathers to their children from maniacs defended, and you feel pity for the morally poor creatures?" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., responded in the comments of the Internet users.


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