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The eldest daughter of Dmitry Tarasov refuses to communicate with his father

The player had forgotten about the existence of the first family

2018, the year was successful for Dmitry Tarasov: married the beautiful Anastasia Kostenko, added onto the house, the family got the daughter of Milan has awarded a contract for another year at the Moscow football club "Lokomotiv". Amid such happiness, he not only forgot the second wife Olga Buzova, but also the first — Oksana Tarasova, and with her daughter angelina.

The player stopped to chat with the eldest daughter, and at the same time and pay child support for its content. Oksana went to court and the bailiffs have even arrested cars Tarasov. While it is unclear how under these circumstances he went on a winter vacation to relax on the Maldives? After all, ordinary citizens with minimal debts close the possibility to leave the country. By the way, as the reconciliation he wanted to bring with you and angelina, but the girl flatly refused to fly with my dad's new family. Now she doesn't want to communicate with his father.

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