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Actress Catherine Rokotov — how to lose weight after the holiday feast

Do not try to starve and stay at home

New year's eve passed, but too early to relax. Ahead — long winter break, when we wander from one room to other or almost every day and continue to celebrate the arrival of the new year. Not to gain extra pounds during these holidays, it is not necessary to limit yourself, it's sad to watch friends eat something delicious and angry. It is important to strike a balance. So, if you lead a healthy lifestyle and do not overeat, one new year's Banquet will not affect you. Well, more specifically? This will tell the actress of theatre and cinema Ekaterina Rokotov ("the Mentalist," "Mata Hari", "Conductor"). With the growth of 176 centimeters, it's easy and without dieting always manages to support the weight of 55 kilograms. How? Let's find out!

Актриса Екатерина Рокотова — о том, как похудеть после праздничного застолья

Eat чуть-чуть

1. Eat right

If during the holidays you have planned a trip to visit, don't go there hungry, you will eat, but not overeat. Before going to eat vegetables or protein foods. Protein provides longer sense of satiety. Covering the festive table, think about what ingredient each dish can be replaced: put the meat, not fry in oil, salad not mayonnaise and low-fat sour cream with spices.

Put on a plate with small portions: two spoons of salad and one. Psychologically you will feel that you take a lot of food, but eat less. If you want a sandwich with caviar, if possible, choose crackers instead of bread, or at least refrain from butter. If you don't want to give up, cut one sandwich with bread, butter, and eggs on 4 small.

Актриса Екатерина Рокотова — о том, как похудеть после праздничного застолья

Don't sit дома

2. Movement — life

Winter is the time for an active lifestyle. Skates. Ski. Snowboard. If you stayed home and you have no way to get anywhere, then try to walk more. For example get off at one station before, when travelling on their own, and if by car, then Park it for a couple of hundred meters away. It is important not to spend all 10 days at home. But if this is not possible, then make it a rule to do gymnastics, it will replace the physical activity that is everyday work.

3. No water anywhere

Be sure to drink water. Plain water without additives, non-carbonated, room temperature. Sometimes we want to drink, and we confuse it with hunger and overeat. Before any meal also try to drink a glass of plain water. On the festive table for variety, you can put the homemade lemonade with citrus, ginger, cucumber. Most importantly add a little bit of sugar: sugar and salt delay fluid in the body, and sometimes this fact we confuse the dialed kilograms.

Актриса Екатерина Рокотова — о том, как похудеть после праздничного застолья

Drink more воды

4. Don't limit yourself

In sports nutrition is such a thing as a "fasting day". This is the day when once every 7-10 days in terms of food, you do not limit yourself. The body receives a double portion of calories, but aktiviziruyutsya and faster recycles them. It is therefore important before and after the day of the Banquet to eat a little bit. Do not skip lunch and dinner, slightly reducing the portions. Then to the festive table you will not be hungry and will eat not so much.

5. Diet

If you have had more than one day feast, to give your body a shake — if you have no contraindications, reduce for a couple of days calories to a minimum. I propose a day of fasting on pineapples. Bright color. A delicious smell. Vitamins. In addition, it is also boost your mood.

Pineapple is a low calorie fruit. It is a substance that promotes the breakdown of fat. Pineapple also helps the fluid not to linger in the body. Will not do this diet for those who have problems with the stomach and idiosyncrasy.

Актриса Екатерина Рокотова — о том, как похудеть после праздничного застолья

Ideal product for handling the day - ананас

First you need to choose a good pineapple: it has a sweet smell, a yellow-Golden crust, dark green leaves. The fruit is firm and elastic. It should not be broken, with the smell of fermentation.

The duration of this diet — no more than two days. And pineapple should be consumed raw, because if it is thermally processed, it loses its "magic" functions.

The most simple version of this diet will suit those who are doing it for the first time. Includes 700 grams peeled fresh pineapple 300 grams of lean boiled meat is better than Turkey breast or chicken. As well as a large amount of fluid. Divide that by 4 meals and eat for the whole day no eating. Meat can be replaced by the same quantity of low-fat cottage cheese.

If you feel strong enough, then one or two days, exclude any other products except pineapple: kilogram of whole fruit a day, and lots and lots of water. The main thing to get out of these days of fasting gently, gradually increasing the portions and number of calories per day.

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