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After celebrating the New year died Chris kelmi

Artist ruined the same disease that Eugene Osina

On the first day of 2019, died Chris kelmi. Recently the musician was only 63, but looked and he felt not at his age. It was bad habits of a musician, and frankly confessed to them. In a hospital on Samui for drug addicts first put Dana Borisov, after it went to Evgeny Osin, and then Chris kelmi.

Apparently, Thailand is bad for our musicians. Died recently Evgeny Osin and unable to cope with their illness. Now the author of the hit 'Night rendezvous". He died suddenly at his home in the suburbs.

Recall that Chris Kelme already managed to make a will, leaving his ex-wife and son Christian will get all his property: a cottage and three apartments with a total cost of about 100 million rubles.

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