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Before his death, Chris kelmi had all the "fixing"

The tarragon, clairvoyant, psychologist Marianne Abravitova told about the will of the contractor

I can say that he managed to write this Testament. It puts everything in its place. Now who would have not claimed will have no issues. Our judicial system relies on the will. You can swing right as much as necessary and it would not be this paper could brother something perepalo. Now, all of can only occur with a wide a lordly shoulder family if suddenly they will seem necessary. This is even more likely to look maybe like a handout.

And saved unfortunately Chris was impossible. All his biological and emotional system was defeated and killed I would say. I even genuinely surprised that he was breathless realized to create such Documents. He went full degradation of the personality. This is not the man we all knew. He was a bright and interesting person. It was impossible to save him and all her resources are spent.

Attempts on the part of the brother will be on our television screens. It will give some dirt on those people who receive an inheritance. Will reveal some secrets. And of a personal nature, some secret words from Chris. Well, all that will remain will remain and nothing will change. All that is bequeathed Chris to her family, her everything and depart.

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