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Svetlana Loboda plays with Till Lindemann in role-playing games

The singer has published a rocker in the image of a doctor

Rumors about the affair Svetlana Loboda and the leader of Rammstein till Lindemann once again found its confirmation. Today the Germans are celebrating a birthday, and Ukrainian congratulated him on his juicy joint the. Till Lindeman is next to the Quinoa in a hospital gown and with a syringe in his hand.

Fans of the couple wonder: the picture was taken during role play or when the singer went to the hospital and underwent a major surgery on the kidneys. After discharge, Svetlana actors have lunch together in the restaurant. However, the relationship with the artist Loboda speaks only by hints.

Светлана Лобода играет с Тиллем Линдеманном в ролевые игры

A strange day рождения

"I think that any woman wants the father of her child was thill. I can say that he is a great guy and just an incredible person," — says their Union Svetlana. — "And what he, the artist, the whole world knows. And I think what my daughter's name is Tilde, this is a big carte Blanche in life."

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