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The group ViVA has been in an accident

Artists have become hostages of the disaster and was late to his concert in Smolensk

The group was on tour in Kaliningrad. The performance was fine, but then the problems began — was declared a storm warning, with the result that all flights were cancelled.

You could, of course, get to the nearest of Poland, and from there to fly to Moscow. Or go to Posada through the Baltic States. But, alas, with you to the tour none of the band members did not take the passport. The band was trapped. All flights were postponed, and no other transport, except on the plane to leave was not possible. Such number of transit passengers not seen, and the old-timers of the city. After sitting overnight in local motels, hiding from the storm, the guys still miraculously managed to fly away. Sitting on the plane and once in Moscow at Domodedovo airport at 15.00, the band still made the decision to go to Smolensk. Before the concert remained 5 hours. The group reached the city driving their own transport.

An hour late, the staff still went on stage, and none of the audience left the concert. "It was incredibly gratifying when the people who bought tickets in advance was almost into the situation, knowing about the weather conditions, and wait for us. Many artists and producers are not advised to take such a risk, saying that we canceled the presentation as a very large drifts and Blizzard, so the roads and highways's great. But we took a chance and came on the scene winners, if I may say so, "Weather Conditions", — said Alexander balukov, world-soloist of the band ViVA. We covered a distance of almost 400 kilometers from Moscow to Smolensk and back, plus, made, and even managed to relax for half a day before flying to the next city on our tour — Saratov".

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