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A scandal during the filming of the video of Sultan Uragan

His heroes were the star of "House-2" Rita Kern, and Ilya Bomber and Cyril Tereshin

Sultan Uragan shoots new video, and to participate in it invited people with an unusual appearance, thanks to which they became famous. Ilya Bomber, known for his tattooed eyes. In the past he was a biker but had an accident two years spent bedridden. He is now a well-known blogger.

Скандал во время съемок клипа Султана Урагана

Musician, easy to work with, Ricotta press services

The star of "House-2" Rita Kert — girl bodybuilder, which is so overdone in sports that became forgotten about the fact that she's still a woman. At the same time, her Breasts are an incredible size gives not to forget anyone. And producing incredible experiment on their shoulders Kirill Tereshin, "hand Bazooka".

Скандал во время съемок клипа Султана Урагана

Shooting, processdata press services

The conflict happened during a break between filming, while Rita and Ilya discussed the willingness of the girl to make a new tattoo Tereshin could not resist her sexually, and made a provocative gesture. The man ran up and undid the zipper of her jumpsuit to admire the gorgeous Breasts Kern.

Between Teresina and Bomber there was a scuffle, and offended the girl became hysterical. The crew had several hours to settle this scandal.

The scandal occurred during the filming of the video of Sultan Uragan

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