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After Catimini, Baranovskaya started to tell the truth about Arshavin

A talented footballer was the home of a tyrant

Yulia Baranovskaya did not become the lawful wife of Andrei Arshavin, although bore him three children. However, he has long forgotten about them and no care does not show that very satisfied with the presenter. After parting ways with the athlete she's made a good career and can support their children, but to see the player and chat with him, she has no desire. The star was told that during the joint lives were regularly subjected to violence by Arshavin. In her book she recalled a case when, just released from the hospital, asked Andrew to take her to the car, and he too declined sharply.

"I again asked — I could not put the car near the house because all of it has been issued. Without saying a word, he hit me," recalls Julia. "I flew five meters — still don't understand how I didn't split the seams. From the pain of resentment and humiliation I started to cry. He almost immediately left."

She cited many examples of domestic violence from the part of the player, including sexual. For this he could wait for a real prison term.

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