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Ani Lorak and Sergey Lazarev claim that they are only friends

Performers credited with romance

Ani Lorak for the first time in many years, spent the holidays without her husband — businessman Murat Nalchajian, with whom she broke up in the summer of the past year, and 24 December 2018, the court had to plant a couple. However, the singer not bored. On vacation, she flew to Miami, where "winter" many domestic stars.

Christmas she met in the company of Sergey Lazarev. Today in the "Instagram" artists have appeared together. "Friends are always near" — signed her Lorak. "Lovely Christmas dinner with a stunning Carolina! Merry Christmas!!!! Peace, kindness, love!!", — said Lazarev and put the heart.

This pair had previously attributed to the novel and the of this publication fans almost married them. So, one of the subscribers Lorak believes that artists have long been together since Christmas, we decided to meet with the family.

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