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Buzova told her groom on Christmas night

But to complete the rite did not — fell asleep before time

At Christmas, Olga Buzova decided not to sleep all night, and guessing — very girl wants to arrange a personal life. She decided to use the old proven method: drip wax into cold water. According to figures that are obtained from drops, determine their fate for the next year.

"Well, my good, discuss my night of divination? No, I can say that I believe in all of this, but it was interesting," admitted Olga. — "According as burned down candle I have seen different! I have a very developed imagination, so a lot of what I saw".

Бузова нагадала себе жениха в рождественскую ночь

What I saw leading remains догадываться

What was not expected Olga: rose, clover, fish, the mainland, but the most important thing in melted wax singing-TV presenter saw a man's face. This means that 2019 Olga won't be alone. She only worried that don't have time to consider the features of her lover, because he wanted terribly to sleep.

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