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There was a cat running between Gurchenko and Kobzon

Actress Tatyana Bestaev was the cause of the divorce of celebrities

Leave great artists. In their personal life secrets are really trying to hide is a very small community where everyone knows each other, and in the course of his personal life. One of the texts is dedicated to the recently departed Joseph Kobzon. Many wondered why the Union fell apart and his father? After the death of the artist became known that the cause of these events was best friend of actress Tatiana Bestaev.

Gurchenko was away and his daughter asked to see my best friend. Kobzon could not resist the temptation. Lyudmila Markovna knew about the affair when her husband was on tour. Lyudmila Markovna wrote him a telegram: "leopard change his spots. The pit". So called his wife Kobzon. He replied also by telegram: "What has been, and will remain so. Hunchback". Then the stars dispersed, writes

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