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Evelina Bledans has received an unexpected blow in the back

The actress got a rude passenger

Artists rarely fly in economy class, in such situations, with them get into trouble on Board the ship. In his Instagram Evelina Bledans complained of rude that she bothered to throw a chair, demanding to return it to the upright position. Bledans replied that the flight has not started yet, and she will "sit" position at the request of the crew. Then her opponent with force pushed the back of his chair, striking in addition leg.

The woman ponders how to punish the bully. On the other hand, in some aircraft, economy class is so small that throwing a chair, you literally fall on your knees sitting back there. Perhaps the large man was nowhere just to move. Of course, beating a woman is unacceptable. Now the artist is hurt injured back. In the "Stories" she placed a photo of the offender.

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