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Kandelaki told the truth about yourself

General producer responded to the rumors about the dismissal and pregnancy

Tina Kandelaki in an exclusive interview commented extensively on all the information about yourself, which last year hit the press. In particular, the General producer of "Match TV" reported that her three-year contract really ended. But this means that at the position she is now indefinitely.

The rumors about pregnancy stars in 43 years turned out to be exaggerated. Kandelaki plans to give birth in the near future. But nothing against the birth of her third child she has, especially because as a "native of the Caucasus", she believes that life without children is completely pointless. "My own experience has convinced me that a woman gives birth to itself, and must understand that children are not an instrument of saving the marriage. If you have any doubts in my right, to read stories about divorces of the year. The mother as sternly as it may sound, should be ready to take care of a child alone. If circumstances develop in such a way that I get the opportunity to once again experience the happiness of being a mother, happy face again."

Recall that Kandelaki is married to Vasily Brovko — Director of special Affairs of state Corporation rostec, a businessman who is younger than the spouse by 12 years. By the way, the rumors about divorce that also hit the press in 2018, Kandelaki did not comment. Although it is said that, on the advice of lawyers, his luxury apartment (apartment area 340 sq. m) designed to son since decided all property acquired before marriage, to distribute among their children. "I don't own a lot of money, and taking care of children is the main priority. The apartment began to say, I bought 15 years ago at the construction stage. Salary and advertising contracts allowed me to pay the mortgage: I paid her in three or four years," said Tina.

Канделаки рассказала правду о себе

In the education of children First relies only on sabatto:
White brings 18-year-old daughter Melanie and 17-year-old son Leontius.

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