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Shnurov criticized for a photo with glass

Idol gave subscribers greetings from Munich

Sergey Shnurov has puzzled his fans by posting a photo with a wine glass in which people in the know saw the "wrong" beer. To publish, in contrast to their previous posts, the musician and poet has not added a poetic signature, giving the imagination of fans. Those not forced myself to beg and commented on not only the fact of drinking beer from a wine glass, but also the engagement ring on her finger, and the fact that Sergey Shnurov sends them greetings from Germany, although all workers are no longer "drink in Peter" and going to the service on the first working day after the long new year holidays.

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Publication from Shnurov Sergey (@shnurovs)8 Jul 2019 11:27 PST

Someone surprised sad mind, with which the Cord rests in the restaurant. "Well sad like this, Sergei?" — sympathized with fans and immediately came to the conclusion that life with his young wife he went wrong.

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