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Husband's grandmother confessed to the embezzlement

Eugene Mountains shared memories about how "squandered two million dollars"

After the shock of labour of concerts and filming, the husband of Nadezhda Babkina decided to relax in the Maldives and advised all workaholics to follow his example. "Travel, friends. As often as possible, as more abundant, more colorful and juicier. Ostavite against his laziness and way of everyday life, because there is nothing more destructive to life than this Lenno boredom. If there is no money — go by Bicycle or wipe into the holes already worn out sandals" (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — he called his fans. Also Eugene Gore appealed to those who have no problems with finances, to "not spend money", and shared them with those needs.

In his caption to the beautiful photo from vacation, he casually noted that he once "lost two million dollars" than shocked readers. Where did the artist get the money? Many suspected that the embezzlement has touched not only the pocket of Eugene, but has also undermined their family budget with the Hope of Babkina. But Gore did not specify where the money came from and where it disappeared. Perhaps the loss associated with a failed attempt to open your own business? It is known that recently, the musician bought a candle factory. But what about in the enterprise, there is no information.

By the way, readers asked, does not the young man Babkina time with Anastasia Volochkova, which is also, by tradition, is resting in the Maldives and published an interesting vacation photos. Eugene Gore categorically rejected all accusations. He wrote that he is a ballerina "on different Islands, although it stretch enough to connect."

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