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Volochkova finally merged with nature

The dancer reached up to the tops of the trees

Anastasia Volochkova has published a new photo of his famous splits, which surprised everyone. The dancer demonstrated his unique stretching, sitting on the branches of a tree. She also wrote that in this place and in this pose, her come to mind "the best thoughts about finding schools for Arisha in the Maldives".

Recall that winter vacation, which Volochkova, in time-honoured it tradition, holds on Paradise island on the ocean, prima turns into a gripping illustrated epic for their fans. She shared many of his photos one another better, where you appear in a swimsuit and without swimsuit in the pool Topless, and on the sand and in the jungle. Demonstrating his famous twine Volochkova recommend to all: "Look at me, do as I do. If you can't lift the leg so high, you lift yourself up and take to the gym. Scratching long tongues, rotten, certainly easier. But my feet, in any case, longer, slimmer and prettier" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., she said.

By the way, some readers made the assumption that, through constant exercise in stretching, legs Volochkova continue to grow gradually in length. There were some commentators who advised Volochkova simply close your "Instagram" to all that could not see and repeated children. Ballerina graciously thanked his fans and haters for "indifferent".

On the eve Volochkova announced the intention to permanently move to the Maldives. It's hard to believe it. After all, on Paradise island, Volochkova will not be able to take ice baths and do the splits on the ice.

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