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Husband Lorak flew over his love

Murat Nalchajian arrived in the United States for the sake of communication with her daughter

Ani Lorak publishes beautiful photos from your winter holiday, which the singer holds on the ocean in Miami. First a strong reaction from fans caused the publication about the meeting Lorak and Sergey Lazarev. The artist has shared on his page a selfie with a colleague, which fans quickly interpreted as evidence of their secret relationship. However, it soon became obvious that in Miami the singer spends time with daughter Sophia and her husband Murat Nalchajian that today also flew to the United States. "See my love" — wrote in Instagram male prior to departure.

Муж Лорак полетел за своей любовью

Sofia - real love its papitto:

Father devotes all his time to his daughter walks with her, doing the shopping, from which we can conclude that, despite the information about her husband's infidelity, Ani Lorak does not prevent the communication with Sophia. Recall that recently the press got the news about the divorce Lorak and her husband. But soon, the media denied this information.

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