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Dima Bilan remembered childhood

The artist has published a nostalgic photo

Dima Bilan has decided to support the fashion for the publication of children's photos, which fascinated many celebrities. Artist at the beginning of the year published own children's black-and-white portrait from the family album. "I'm here in class 5 or 6" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., — he did the photo caption.

Perhaps the reason for the nostalgic action was the long-awaited meeting with the younger sister of musician Anna, who lives in America, which is seen with his brother as often as I would like them both. In childhood, siblings whose age difference is 10 years, always been together — many even believed Anna daughter Bilan. "Because education Ani I was engaged from the cradle. While the parents were at work, all the worries about his sister was on top of me and my older sister Lena," — said Dima reporters. He never hid the talents of Anna and already at 14 years of age, presented to her during one of the concerts where she performed the song "Beautiful far". At the same age of the young Anna starred in my brother's video for the song "pairs", and later they recorded the duet song "Star".

Anna came to congratulate the brother on the 37th birthday in December 2018. Probably it's a good family event inspired by the artist's nostalgia for childhood.

Дима Билан вспомнил детство

Fans noticed the similarities between Bilan and Putinto:

By the way, the baby picture of Dima Bilan, many fans are confused with the childish photo of Vladimir Putin. Judging by the comments of followers, a small Bilan as two drops of water similar to the young President of the Russian Federation.

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