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Todorenko declared "pregnant" marathon

TV presenter decided to share how to stay active for 9 months

"Guys, I'm finally ready to tell you about the most beautiful period of his life called "Pregnancy" (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — reported followers Regina todorenko. The whole period of carrying a child, from the first to the last day, the wife of Vlad Topalov calls "an interesting way", "touching and tender." She is confident that her experience might cheer up those who are afraid that pregnancy does not interfere with the work.

Regina todorenko and Vlad Topalov played at a wedding with the closest friends in October 2018 and do not have to make this event a great sensation. A few months later, in December, into the light, a new member of the family of the young boy. And although the wedding was announced shortly before the birth of the heir, it turned out that the pair went to the family planning responsibly.

"The doctor told me 2-3 months before conception to start drinking folic acid, which contributes to the development of the fetus, and to stop Smoking and drinking alcohol. The last to do it was very easy, as I have never smoked and took alcohol in small doses the holidays," admitted a happy mommy. In one of the shooting days, when the TV presenter dressed in another outfit, she thought with the body occurred some changes, the breast has become more clearly. Then, after filming, she immediately bought a test and here it is, two bands!
Todorenko promised his followers that will not stop at this stage of revelations, and will continue to share their feelings and memories. Some followers became sad and commented that stories about show business, it is much more attractive than the details of the physiology idol.

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