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Daughter of Vladimir Mashkov told about the relationship with his father

Masha from childhood knew how to cook and to sit with babies

"I was born when the parents were themselves still very young, they were 20 years old. And in General I have always been feeling that I'm older than they are. My mother almost didn't know how to cook, so I cooked... In 10 years was the brother of Nikita, and the mother almost immediately went to work. I was left alone with a baby and coped quite well," — said Maria Mashkova newspaper "Telenedelya".

In 1984, Vladimir Mashkov and Yelena Shevchenko, his classmate at the Novosibirsk theatrical school, met and fell passionately in love with each other. As the actor recalled, she charmed him at a glance, and between young people broke out passion. A few months later, secure in the feelings the lovers were married. To this marriage was born their eldest daughter Maria. But the marriage of two hot-tempered people soon collapsed. Vladimir Mashkov went to Moscow, entered the Moscow art theatre and began a successful career in the capital. In early childhood Maria Mashkova was raised by grandparents.

Дочь Владимира Машкова рассказала об отношениях с отцом

Maria Mashkova always looking for a compromise between love of work and sametto:

Having become an adult actress and mother of two beautiful daughters, Stephanie and Alexandra, Maria Mashkova admits that she always loved equally mom and dad, but "there were moments when the offense was piling up, and it seemed to me that I don't need mom and dad and me they did not do. In principle, it was, but now I realize that they do themselves, and that's cool. Because of this I have grown strong and have a happy, realized parents." Maria said to be in a movie start to overlap there once with his father.

Mashkov also admitted to reporters that his fate is afraid to repeat the experience of parents as to her career and creativity are not less important than the education of daughters. She even turns to psychologist to observe the distinction and not to betray the sacrifice of career, family troubles.

Дочь Владимира Машкова рассказала об отношениях с отцом

The husband of Mary Mashkovoi was the ideal father for their docorate:

The actress said that in this sense she was lucky because her husband Alexander an incredibly caring and responsible father. "Yeah, girls are always under the supervision of her husband. Even my grandmother, a teacher of ethics and aesthetics, which I've never heard of such words, and said, "Such fathers as Sasha, I've never seen!" I look at my husband and realize that he is the father of a friend. That doesn't mean I don't love my dad, but he is really a father which I once dreamed of."

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