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Psychic: "Dana Borisova will be difficult to arrange his personal life"

Marianne Abravitova told why the presenter can not find a woman's happiness

In the life of Dana Borisova one man follows another, with the father of her daughter Polina star left long ago, and the only official marriage, 42-year-old TV presenter lasted less than a year. Now talking about The new chosen one, whom she met on the show "let's get married". According to Borisova, the man already showed her proof of income is very high. However, the tarragon, clairvoyant and psychologist Marianne Abravitova believes that anything serious from the relationship will not work.

"I don't see any romance with the businessman. Let's start with the fact that Dana does not understand who she wants and who she needs in life. Previously, Dana was spoiled by the excessive attention. The man who now cares for her, not rich enough and not so promising as she needs. Nothing global of these relationships will not work. But do not immediately write off from the accounts of Dana", — told Abravitova.

Экстрасенс: «Дане Борисовой будет сложно устроить свою личную жизнь»

Vladimir brought Borisova help 2 Ntfspath: the frame of the program

"This year it is waiting for the novel that would bring her satisfaction for about 6 months. Marriage I do not see, but the fascination will be. I can say that Dana will be difficult to arrange his personal life, primarily because of my daughter. Girl with a complex character, stubborn and very jealous and resentful. She is not nobody like it," — said the psychic.

"As for the year as a whole, I see This slight increase in cash flow. She awaits the Cavaliers palaces and castles, but, alas, for karma that it does not. Periodically she will come across some work, some suggestions. Pay attention and to health. The former does not happen, unfortunately," said Marianne.

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