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Shcherbakov and Samsonov filed an application to the Registrar

The ex-wife of football player "Spartaka" Andrey Yeshchenko and ex-husband of the star of the project "Dom-2" Julia Saulino decided to get married

Maria Shcherbakova in his Instagram showed photos of the statement, which they submitted to the Registrar with a former participant of the project "Dom-2" Alexey Samsonov. This girl said Hayter, promises her the head of all heavenly punishment for what she alleged was the cause of the dissolution of the first marriage of the elect. Maria and Alex in one voice say that a colleague on the project "Dom-2" Julia, mother of the son of Samson, given the resignation of the former father of the family long before the emergence of his new connection.

It is known that relationship with ex-wife Alexei worse. Julia Maulina jealous of her spouse to the other participant of the project "Dom-2", divorced and forbidden to communicate with his son.

By the time the meeting with Maria Samsonov was not just alone — ex-wife announced his boycott, to the extent that he threatened to call the bailiffs to assert their father's rights.

Meanwhile, Maria Shcherbakova (Eschenko) Alex found solace after a messy divorce with her beloved husband-a footballer, left alone with her daughter Alice.

Meeting Maria and Alexei was a meeting of two lonely people who found each other. Around the relationship of this couple fans have launched a whole discussion — someone who stole from the family, and how sincere their love is.

Щербакова и Самсонов подали заявление в ЗАГС

The statement in Sagstua:

Publishing a photo of the statement to the Registrar Mary resolutely put an end to all discussions and disputes.

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