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Clairvoyant: "the mother of the child Alexander Golovin were other men"

Galina Janko commented on the scandal with an illegitimate daughter of the actor

Star of movies and TV series Alexander Golovin was at the center of an ugly scandal: some Svetlana Belogurova, who participated along with 29-year-old actor in one of the shootings, said that gave birth to a daughter. According to the girl, Golovin began an office romance, after which Svetlana became pregnant.

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Publication of Alexander Golovin (@s.a.n.e.k13)18 Mar 2018 at 2:41 PDT

Alexander once said that the child does not want, however, Belogurova still decided to give birth. Now Svetlana wants to sue him for alimony, and Golovin in no hurry to acknowledge the baby and says a DNA test. However, clairvoyant and tarragon Galina Janko believes that the doubts of the actor can understand: "On the cards clearly shows that it is a child Golovin. But his doubt can be understood. At the time their relationship with Svetlana Belogurova, she had other men. He falls quite a noble person, so, of course, the child he in the end recognizes and it will help. No relationship with the mother of the question. It in General quite interesting. Yes, they had a fleeting craving, but he never considered it seriously. In his heart there is a void in relation to it. And she just wants help from him to pay money. She may be quiet, all he will do. A DNA test will reveal his paternity".

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Publication of SVETLANA BELOGUROVA (@sveta_cady)31 Dec 2018 1:59 PST

"The story itself, of course, is serious, and that it's his baby, happened almost by accident. She had an intimate relationship not only with him. As for the Golovin, fate drops him 3 children. He is a family man. As for career, luck is on his side, but a year for him will be difficult. However, all the difficulties, he is eventually overcome.

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Publication of SVETLANA BELOGUROVA (@sveta_cady)APR 27, 2018 at 9:22 PDT

In the work waiting for him one hundred percent success and career growth. He is very sociable, smart, with great instincts, so in almost any situation is output. He doesn't like gossip and intrigue, so proceed with caution. Now he will try the whole story to nullify. For him the luckiest day Wednesday. All his Affairs he must decide this day", — told Janko.

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