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Pugacheva laugh wife Nikolaev

Netizens discuss a new recording of that composer posted on his page in Instagram

Igor Nikolaev announced a program that will meet all of his friends and colleagues on the eve of the composer's birthday. In the photo it is noticeable that Alla Pugacheva is something so funny Julia Proskuryakova that the young singer already sat down laughing. This surprised users, many wondered what such a witty had to say Diva?

The wife of Igor Nikolaev, gave him a beautiful daughter, feels great in the circle of the first stars of the national stage. And to all the friends and fans it is obvious that the marriage almost ten years ago, was happy for Igor and Julia, gave a new stimulus to creativity of the composer. However, there were fans who complained that the transfer will be a performance of Natasha Koroleva.

By the way, many years later, suddenly someone noticed that Alla Pugacheva and Igor Nikolaev hairstyles are little different. Wags said that if more and Kuzmin on the show to invite, such a project could be called "the battle of shaggy".

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