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Frost said the information about the disease Shevtsova

Night Lera held live on Instagram, answering all questions from the audience

Leroy frost, which Yana Shevtsova was threatened with libel, the evening went on the air from his car to answer all questions and give their own assessment of what is happening. Gathering a strong audience, the girl said that her all these stories about the court just funny because she controls every word and not give the slightest reason to charge her with slander. The fact that the project came a new participant, "individual with a low social responsibility," including in the "risk group" is, from the point of view Lera, obvious fact. Frost reiterated that she is not a doctor to diagnose. But don't make her "Dr. Evil", as it is trying to do some. "I did a good deed — all WARNED and practically saved the life of this... (my ex-boyfriend Leroy called curse words), but forewarned is forearmed, and I know that I am responsible for every word. Mother Russia needs to thank me for having protected sex," argued frost the act.

Anyone who will try to distort her words, the former participant "Houses-2" has threatened that she doesn't need to "swear" because she, if that, "a roof". By the way, recently called her and asked for comment journalists "one edition", which also reported that the telestroke after the statement Lera "are all ears and are afraid to say a word", but frost is nothing to comment on not going and reporters do not believe, because they distort the information.

By the way, meanwhile, Yana Shevtsova, despite assumptions that it was expelled from the project all last night and fasted in the stories of his "Instagrama" the recording of songs in their own performance where it is obvious that she continues to star in "House-2".

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