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The assumption could not compete

The singer recently opened the restaurant business in Moscow, but with the New year her club closed

Fans of chanson happily accepted the news that Lubov Uspenskaya opened in the capital a karaoke place with a great sound and good food. In this place the Queen of chanson often spoke to herself and invited their celebrity friends: Glyuk ozу, Fame, Irina Dubcova and many others. The club successfully worked for six months, but in January 2019 closed. As reported the reason — increased rental rate, which made the business unprofitable.

It is known that the Lyubov Uspenskaya pinned on the opening of the restaurant hopes. With successful development of the business, the singer could reduce your touring schedule and spend more time in Moscow, at home. Due to the opening of the club the singer even had a fight with his colleague Philip Kirkorov, which also built similar plans and opened his own place shortly before the launch of the karaoke love assumption.

Now the doors of the club closed. Assumption hopes that it's not forever, and the institution will be able to find a way to negotiate lower rental rates. Anyway, karaoke has grown to love the visitors, but the business could not stand market competition. Love assumption is in order. But friendship with Kirkorov, it seems that the actress will not return.

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