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Alexei Kabanov was forced to apologize

The soloist of group "Roots" rudely replied the fan in the social network

The cause of the scandal was the publication of some of Alexandra Mikhailova from the city of Rostov-on-don, which in his Instagram posted a photo of the ex-factory owner Alexei Kabanov wrote: "And before, he seemed nice. Well, that childhood dream has not come true, and I don't marry him". The post girl added a link to the artist's profile. In response to the Boar replied the fan of swearing, and ran into a lot of trouble.

It is known that in recent insult in a social network equates to a personal insult. The offended admirer has demanded an apology from the actor. In case of refusal, she threatened the soloist of group "Roots" to appeal to court, where by law it could award up to five years.

In the end, the artist met with the offended girl in the program Dmitry Shepelev. First, Alex denied everything and said that he didn't write shit in the comments, but under the pressure of experts Kabanov confessed. However, the subsequent hints girls to a personal relationship again aroused the wrath of the artist, because he categorically denied that they ever personally met. I must say that Alexey Kabanov not stand on ceremony in the microblog fans, reacting to every criticism in his address.

Алексея Кабанова вынудили извиниться

Alexey Kabanov has published a dissenting opinion after epirate:

Even apologizing Mikhailova, the artist remained at his personal opinion that it is rigidly framed. And published this opinion in his Instagram.

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