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Sadalsky thanked Russian doctors

Artist after the holidays was in the hospital with a suspected heart attack, but help came in time

Stanislav Sadalsky in his "Instagram" with all my heart thanked the doctor who performed the surgery to stenting of the heart. Even lying in a hospital bed, the artist with his sense of humor joked that the surgeon with the "rare surname" Ivanov during new year's feasts the hand did not tremble, he successfully carried out difficult manipulations, so that now the patient can breathe.

Садальский поблагодарил русских врачей

Russian doctor Ivanov saved artistdata:

However, despite the skill of the doctor, medicines that need to be taken for a successful outcome of the operation, the patient did not help. Sadalsky has suggested that the medicines were fake.

The followers are happy for the artist, but asked him to lose a little weight and get on a strict diet from now on not to go to the hospital with heart problems.

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