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Buzova sent greetings to the beloved

Olga has a rest on Maldives with my sister Anna, and your photos addresses mysterious man

Sisters Busova have fun in a five star hotel in the Maldives. Recently, the girls warned that they go to the disco, previously "disabling brain". Judging by the mood and bold outfits, they were able to produce an irresistible impression on the dance floor.

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Publication from Olga Buzova (@buzova86)10 Jan 2019 10:12 PST

After that Olga Buzova suddenly drawn to the romance, and she started to draw their signature secret lover, whose name was not called. "Do you think I am, and I'm next... I wanted YOU to see it, and live #anautomatic", — signed by the TV star one after another of her portraits.

Бузова отправила привет любимому

Olga Buzova looks velikolepnogo:

Who is the addressee of these appeals, Olga did not specify. Interestingly, on one of these images Buzova in the same dress that was going to come off in a disco. But it is not clear, she was photographed before or after the party.

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