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Volkov chooses rural life

Star of the TV series "Voronin" admitted that of his new country house she tries not to even go to the beauty salon

In an interview with "Antenna" Ekaterina Volkova has told that, having moved a year ago in a private house, her family has completely changed the way of life. "Before this house we have always lived in the apartment. If the apartment you constantly go out in search of entertainment — walks, theatres, cafes, cinema, the house desire one thing: to stay here as long as possible", — she told reporters.

Country real estate Catherine and her husband Andrew bought four years ago, but could only enter in the last year and still continue to build his house. However, the plans are not limited. The daughter dreams of the children's house on-site, and the spouse intends to build a real bath. Lisa is no less serious about domestic concerns than adults. She chose the color of the Wallpaper for her room. And this year the daughter went on a course of young designers. Catherine likes to sit in the living room near the fireplace with the dogs after a busy day on the set. If the output is issued, the actress is recorded for a haircut, dye, pedicure, manicure and massage, but on the morning of the same day, as a rule, all procedures cancels — to a degree you do not want to leave beloved house.

Волкова выбирает деревенскую жизнь

Ekaterina Volkova with her husband Andrew and daughter Лизойvolkovihome

Weekend together in a family called "seal day". But such a cosy home days are issued rarely.

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