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Utiasheva showed stretching

Famous gymnast did exercises on the ocean

On his personal page in Instagram Laysan utiasheva is positioning itself simply as "wife and mother", she is constantly leading the charge to viewers, keep in shape and motivated to engage in physical activity other. At the end of December utiasheva has complained that traffic jams take her time and strength: "All summarize. I've read that we spend in traffic jams a total of 15 days! And it is only in an average year. And in the last week of December, I think we're in their cars just live," she wrote.

Утяшева показала свою растяжку

Stretching Utyasheva compared to Volokovoye:

And finally, the long awaited days of rest, which helps the star to "recharge the battery".
As for stretch marks — no one was surprised that the gymnast is still in great shape and performs the elements perfectly. There were those who compared the Utiasheva with Volochkova, but the difference is that the athlete is not shocking readers candid shots, and doing his exercises in tights.

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Publication of Laysan utiasheva (@liasanutiasheva)10 Jan 2019 10:25 PST

Few people remember that utiasheva who is always smiling and on the back, got a tattoo of "successful", actually retired from the sport after a serious injury. Gymnast landed badly and suffered multiple fractures of the legs. But heroically brought the contest to a successful completion. Since pain in the foot, so to stay in shape for a smiling Rosie — the question is vital.

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