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Media: Paul Priluchny on New year's eve beat Agatha muceniece

Fans are wondering: truth or PR stunt

Paul Priluchny and agate muceniece not give fans relax: they diverge, then make up, then "put the marriage on pause". At this time, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" has reported that on New year's eve in their home near Moscow the police came. Its called the PR Manager of the actress, Maryam Khalilova. Supposedly she said that Agatha Priluchny beats and produces from home. The stars themselves this situation does not comment.

Later, Mariam called earlier the information is unreliable. Agatha and posted in the "Stories" photos, as Paul kisses her in honor of the sixth anniversary of his son. Apparently, the actors in such a small scandal in the press decided to remind about themselves.

СМИ: Павел Прилучный накануне Нового года избил Агату Муцениеце

The actors have explosive характером

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