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Nevedrova published a photo with his son

Ex-moderator of the project "heads and Tails" reported that now she is twice the mother

Before the birth of Natalie Nevedrova announced among subscribers contest for the best name for the future baby. In the end, the boy decided to call Martin.

Неведрова опубликовала фото с сыном

Nevedrova with Synovate:

The presenter also has a daughter Marie-Nicole, what was the cause of her difficult decision to leave the project "heads and Tails" in which she worked for only six months. Nevedrova traveled to 15 countries and a total of 100 days spent in travel. But because of the busy schedule leading almost broke up with her husband and badly undermined his psyche. She recalls with a shudder how she had to write a will before shooting in Korea when she was buried alive. Such episodes was enough to decisively make a choice in favor of the family. After leaving the project Nevedrova fanatically gave classes and three year old daughter.

"We are 24 hours a day together, Wake up together, do. She falls asleep and I can not sleep, I look at her and kiss constantly. And I feel guilty because I know that she really missed me," admitted Natalie to journalists. At such a young age, she had already begun to teach your daughter to books. "I was able to interest her in the bright cards. A La Imaginarium. And she is using my leading questions she began to slowly tell the story. Saw the picture, first described what he sees, and then began to think of the beginning and continuation" — shared Nevedrova subscribers on your page. In the end, the girl is asked not only to show the pictures, but read her a story.

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