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Psychic of the scandal Malinin: "Intrigue can harm the man who weaves"

Marianne Abravitova commented on the story with the DNA of the daughter of the singer

In the showdown between Aleksandr Malinin and his ex-wife Olga Zarubina on the day there was a new twist. The official representative of the family of singer Marina Yarmush on one of the talk show suggested that the daughter of Cyrus, born Zarubina in 1985, has nothing to do with Alexander Malinin, and her biological father is allegedly the father of singer. The Studio program was announced the results of the DNA text that is confirmed with a probability of 99.9%. At the same time she Zarubin communication with the father-in-law denied — and her words "lie detector" is also confirmed. The public is very confused in this story, so decided to address for explanations to the psychic, tarragon and psychologist Marianne Abravitova.

Экстрасенс о скандале с Малининым: «Интриги могут принести вред тому, кто их плетет»


"I'm going information that Kira's father is still Alexander Malinin. And his father has nothing to do with this girl direct relation, only indirect — as a grandfather — curled Abravitova. All these tests will certainly show kinship, but the father of Alexander Malinin is not the father of the daughter of the singer. All this talk and speculation is far-fetched conflict. All done for PR of the person who pulled these facts and bound it all in a very dubious history".

Экстрасенс о скандале с Малининым: «Интриги могут принести вред тому, кто их плетет»

Daughter of Alexander Malinin Kirakat TRANSMISSION "LET them talk" FROM 19.12.2017/INSTAGRAM.COM

"Someone suddenly wanted intrigue, and invented dirty facts struck the Alexander family, who are still reeling from the death of his father. The person just wants fame, he wants to appear in the famous talk show, he thinks that this method will become popular. Of course the hype now will rise, but quickly subside, as once again it is proved that the biological father is Alexander Malinin. I want to say that when history is the place to be very quickly recognized and falls into place, but the intrigue can sometimes be harmful to the person who weaves," warns a psychic.

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