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Galkin responded to the criticism Akhedzhakova

Parodist sure that the actress is not right

Maxim Galkin in his Instagram posted a fragment of speech of Leah Akhedzhakova in the air the Internet-channel "Culture of memory" as well as excerpts from his room, which was the cause of the conflict, and published its opinion on the subject.

"Of course, parody is inherent to grotesque and You speak somewhat differently, weightier and more serious, but Putin in my image is much more comical than the original. I can like it or not, but I do that at my discretion worthy of parody. And You deserve it, like our President, and other participants in the political process. Parody and satire is part of a free society that You advocate. And made it convincing or not is decided by the audience, and the audience on the anniversary of Galina Borisovny Volchek took the parody for You, do not be afraid of this word, enthusiastically, which is especially valuable because the audience was mostly people who know You personally, You are in the interview did not mention that was also in the room, I pretended to be You not for the eyes. I had no intention to speculate on Your behalf, and wanted solely to please You and Your colleagues" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx.

The parodist has not considered it necessary to apologize to Akhedzhakova, only thanked her for what she is "not denied his talent."

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