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Grebenshchikov asked Borisov on assistance

Former "manufacturer" addressed to the presenter that she suggested way to get rid of bad habits

Dana Borisova admitted that she called the musician and showman Mikhail Grebenshikov and asked for a meeting. "Mike called and asked for help. He told me that drinks heavily and use illegal substances, told the "StarHit" Borisov. — I have taken measures to help, but after a while he suddenly disappeared."

Гребенщиков попросил Борисову о помощи

Michael Grebenshikova:

Dana Borisova has assumed the mission to support colleagues suffering from addictions. Having passed a difficult way of cleansing a television presenter as one delves into the situation and tries to support their friends in their decision to start a new life. However, this is not always successful. Among her clients were Osin Evgeny and Chris Kelme, who have not coped with the disease and died.

Recall that a year ago, Mikhail Grebenshchikov was fired from scandal from the children's school of talents, which was created by Alla Pugacheva. The diva hired her former "manufacturer" as a creative producer, but the parents of the children were dissatisfied with his work. They turned to Alla Pugacheva to dismiss Mikhail Grebenshchikov, because he would often show up for work in a bad state, rude, and behaved very rudely.

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Publication from Michael Grebenshchikov (@mikhail_grebenshchikov)APR 26, 2018 at 3:05 PDT

Recall that in the summer of 2018, the year the Diva closed the children's Studio of pop art, which was located in the center of Moscow. The reason was the unprofitability of the project.

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