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Lopyreva is not afraid of loneliness

Pregnant supermodel responded to the threat of haters

Victoria Lopyreva in anticipation of the birth is in Florida, although until recently it was assumed that she was planning the birth of a child in Russia. 35-year-old model in the biggest moment of his life is subjected to unprecedented attack by haters and suffers from the loss of the people, which before were my friends. Many of her former friends and admirers have chosen a negative attitude towards her affair with the father of the unborn child, Igor Bulatov. Victoria still called "home wrecker" and predict that she faces a fate of single mothers.

In his Instagram model decided to put all dots on "i": "these days I do not only read. Very good time to see who is who. My friends and followers — thank you so much, and those who happily scribbling comments about the fact that HE'll leave me, I want to say: never be afraid to be alone. If he wants to go, and frees up space near you. All these your "boomerangs", etc. — it sounds funny. Love is feeling free people and so it is perfectly (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., and the beginning of Lopyreva. — No stamp, no children will not keep with you man, if he's bored with you. And it's not just about sex. Sometimes live years, and to talk about. But imposed on society by the boundaries and conventions makes people afraid to do the step that might make both of them happy."

"You just have to be honest at least in regard to ourselves. Everything in this world is relative, and none of us can judge another person's life. We are all human beings and each of us wants to be happy,but the concept of happiness is perhaps different for everyone. I am opposed to cling to a man just out of fear: "what will people say?". But people, by and large, do not care whether you're happy or not, they just need a reason to discuss. For me, it is better to be alone than together alone," concluded Victoria.

By the way, as recognized Lopyreva attack the haters and constant stress has affected her health. In his microblog she reported that slower than expected gaining weight: "I Gained a little. But the weight of the baby OK".

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