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Son Vodonaevoy growing loving

The star of "House-2" showed as a boy before going to sleep shares her secrets

Alain Vodonaeva raising the 8-year-old son Bogdan. The boy shares his mother's most intimate thoughts. He told her that is in dire need of caresses and already a sex pest with "hugs and kisses". However, all the older girls treat him coldly. But when he was 5-6 years old, all were different. In kindergarten Bogdan was a friend who showed him favor.

Also, the boy confessed to mom that he doesn't like girls who cry often. He wouldn't kiss one.

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Publication of Alena Vodonaeva (@alenavodonaeva)Jan 29, 2019 at 9:44 am PST

The revelation of the baby's mother took the phone and posted in his Instagram video after installation. Many video touched by. But part of the audience condemned the act of the mother, who these personal belongings shows on the entire Internet. Recall that Alain Vodonaeva itself the beginning of a stellar career in the reality show "Dom-2", where the main rule was to expose all their intimate secrets on display. Therefore, his action star is not considered shameful.

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