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Psychic: why did Borisov spoke about the problems Grebenshchikov

Saona did not believe in the sincerity of the intentions of the presenter

Dana Borisova has publicly stated that it asked for help Mikhail Grebenshikov. The singer admitted that wants to get rid of bad habits, but then disappeared. Borisova, not so long ago I held a course of rehabilitation, is now trying to help and his colleagues — apparently, so the former "manufacturer" decided to mess with her. What happened next is not clear, however, clairvoyant and tarragon Saona doubt that now the actions of This motivated by a desire to help the artist.

"The fact that Dana began to tell about it — it's not a good reason. Not because she is his friend and experiencing. It's because he's surrounded by often discuss Danu, and the main instigator of these conversations is Grebenshchikov. Of course, this triggered Dana to go on in response to the discussion and his personality. She just got mad and started to act out of spite..." — said the psychic.

Ясновидящая: зачем Борисова заговорила о проблемах Гребенщикова

Dana Borisova with Chris kelmi and Eugene, Sinitta:

"I do not see his direct alcohol addiction. In General, he is person dependent. You know, there is a category of people who can indulge in all serious and for a long time. Yeah, he needs to deal with all this and get on the right path. Of course, the smoke without fire does not happen. He liked to drink and even treated. It did not lead to the desired result. But to put on him the stigma of an alcoholic I would not," — said Saona.

"Given all this decided to tell only to it to blacken and then whiten their name. Alas, each of them is good and bad in their own way. Behind every sin. I can say that in General, the former does not happen. It is important for yourself to understand: to continue to live the same way, or change the quality of life in General. The fact that booze is a frequent friend Grebenshchikova, that's a fact. But it had cut his lifespan, I don't see it. Although health is delicate, and something can go wrong. Better, of course, in time to warn than to bite their elbows", — concluded the Saone.

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