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Makeev told about the conflict with her husband

The actress gradually uncovers the family secrets

Anastasia Makeeva leads with your subscribers intimate conversations, sincerely answering their questions and comments.

So, the actress recently told fans the truth about his marriage, although from the press is kept secret.

In an effort to share their impressions of the visit to musical, the actress inadvertently lifted the veil of family relations. "I with a sinking heart was watching the scene today, when my husband and I went to Anna Karenina in the theater of Operetta and it smacked me. There is a complex cocktail, and my home theater that I so foolishly left, yielding to the ambitions and ego, now I would have done differently.. I feel like at the reunion, but the other side is my husband! He is not from art, well the word at all..." (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., — Makeev wrote in his Instagram.

The actress also said that while she with a sinking heart watched the performance, her husband was occupied with issues in business, went to all the correspondence, and he did not care what is happening on stage. She first wanted to blame her husband, but then "realized how cool that we are so different, for he did not know me as an artist and loves me not for prettiness on stage and it does not matter, I will Shine on the stage of the theatre or not."

"In short, I am in awe of the performance and the work of colleagues and in awe of her husband, bravely accompanied me to this event and endured 3 hours in a row and supported my impulse," concluded Makeyev.

Fans are actively involved in the discussion, is it right to forgive a spouse of such behavior in the theater. But unanimously came to the conclusion that each family has its own rules and there is no standard for all. If their favorite actress happy, they are just happy for her.

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