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Singer Alex in danger

Artist on the verge of death, I think his fans

After the tragic death of Yevhen Aspen and Chris Kelme, because of his alcoholism, there are the disturbing rumors about the health of another musician. Singer Alex was seen in the drunk tank, where he was recovering Evgeny Osin.

In the discussion of the Telegram-channel "Just anyone", one of podeschi said: "in the Summer visited Eugene Aspen detox in a luxury closed type. To pay for this expensive treatment Andrey Kovalev. But the most interesting thing in the next room had been treating the singer Shura. Say, brought in as the wildest proteins. Aspens died, and about the Shura, the media still don't know. PS, the Detox was expensive, alcohol there are easily swept compassionate fans" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx.

Певец Шура в опасности

Post poklonite: telegram-channel "Just about anyone"

Shura never hid the fact that he had problems with illicit drugs. Because of this addiction destroyed his incredibly successful musical career, he quarreled with Igor Krutoy, who was a patron of the young talent. The singer come to his senses, recovering from addictions and again returned to service. The actor admitted that at the time of his scams was persuaded to rewrite the property to other people. Shura listened and gave the right of possession of apartment to the employee of a certain construction firm. "Live in peace, nobody bothers you, pay the rent money, all the paper in my hands. Once during a birthday down to a stall for some water, there are two young men with documents in my apartment and telling me they say, Oh, sorry, this apartment pay their debts, and move new people, and legally." So at 43, the artist would be without a certain residence.

Recently, however, Shura is actively involved in TV programs, concerts, tours. The information that the singer can not cope with addiction, he may greatly harm. In February, announced new concerts Shura in Moscow.

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