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Clairvoyant: "Gauguin Solntsev and Catherine were married Tereshkovich"

Galina Janko on the future of the extravagant couple

Gauguin Solntsev and Catherine Tereshkovich — one of the most discussed and criticized in pairs of domestic show-business. Big age difference and scandalous characters of the spouses provided them with unabated interest of the public. Thus the clairvoyant, the magician and tarragon Galina Janko believes that the sun and Tereshkovich have themselves believed in the story, which was originally conceived as a PR.

Ясновидящая: «Гоген Солнцев и Екатерина Терешкович обвенчаются»

Galina Anchoveta: materials of press-services

"Lay aside their age in order to properly understand the situation. In any pair must be harmony, and here it is not. They are trying to reconcile the irreconcilable. Converge and diverge, and that is all we will see — more than once. They will never be able to light the family hearth. They have a very strange Alliance. Despite the fact that they look odd together, but a kind of Union for a long time. In her youth was very restless and vain in nature. Gauguin now is exactly the same. With his head and shocking it will be able to go far. Many people envy him. I see that they are both optimists. They, of course, the Union has the nature of PR, which was agreed initially. But then, it seems, they believed in the story and begin to live life each other" — said the clairvoyant

Ясновидящая: «Гоген Солнцев и Екатерина Терешкович обвенчаются»

Ekaterina Tereshkovich to plastic, operativita:

"Gauguin was born under a five-pointed star, so he needs to be attentive to the use of alcohol, warns Galina. — She's a survivor, she needs to take care of feminine Breasts, her risk of such diseases. She is a very kind person and caring, sincerely concerned for Gauguin. By the way, I see them travel together, buy some real estate."

"For some time now they'll stay together, then disperse again. Their Union acquires all the great gossip and intrigue. They are people with complex characters. Incredibly impulsive Solntsev and dedicated wife, together they put together a good business, flaunting their relationship. This year it will bring them a lot of money. Later I see that they will even get married," said Janko.

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