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Dakota says goodbye to Sokolovskiy

The singer has put an end to love story

"That's all I wanted to say, turning over a huge Chapter of my life where there's no hatred, no resentment, no fear... this place will only forgiveness, gratitude and tremendous unconditional love... I loved my husband, I love now and will love you always, love and thanks, even for the most terrible moments spent alone with him in the corner of the bathroom on the floor" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — admitted Rita Dakota, leaving no doubt that she breaks up with Vlad Sokolovsky, but parted kindly.

Singer writes that it never was so much love in these sad moments. Enlightenment found at the Dakota after a vacation in Bali, where she vacationed with her daughter MIA, who was 1 year and three months.

Дакота прощается с Соколовским

Rita Dakota and Miyamoto:

Rita did yoga, took a sun and sea baths, traveled with the instructor and apparently received a boost of energy, which it lacked for a final decision. Now its microblog lost all the family photos with father and daughter. However, it remains an open question, how is it that Vlad Sokolovsky simultaneously with his ex-wife and daughter spent time in Bali.

Дакота прощается с Соколовским

Vlad Sokolovsky daughter, Miatta:

This is evidenced by its publication in Instagram. But comments on a joint vacation Rita and Vlad avoid.

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